We all know we are suppose to exercise weekly to be healthy. When you exercise regularly you’ll support several areas of your overall health that your future self will thank you for. It is not always easy to convince yourself to get up and start moving so if you need a little boost of why you should exercise, here are 10 significant benefits of exercising!

1. Reduce Stress & Tension – Have you ever heard anyone say ” I shouldn’t have worked out today”? I am guessing you haven’t. The reason for that is because when you work out your body releases endorphins, you know the “feel-good” hormones that improve your mood and reduce stress and tension. So whenever you are feeling stressed just get up and hit the gym or go on a run and you can completely change how you are feeling.

2. Supercharge Your Metabolism – Studies show that regularly exercising leads to a boost in your metabolism. When it comes to weight loss you want a fast metabolism to help you lose fat and burn more calories.

3. Support Cognitive Function – When you work out or perform a physical activity your heart rate increases which pumps more oxygen to your brain allowing for a clear mind.

4. Enhance Quality of Sleep – Without working out you and your mind can be tired but your body won’t be resulting in restless sleep. On the other hand the more you workout and tire your body, the easier it will be for you to fall asleep and stay asleep improving your quality of sleep and preparing you for the next day.

5. Support Cardiovascular Health – Your heart is a muscle and just like your other muscles in your body, you should work it out as well. The best way to do this is with cardiovascular activities like walking, running, swimming or biking.

6. Increase Strength – Adding some weight lifting into your workouts can help you build muscle and become stronger, which can be a benefit for everyday tasks from lifting up heavy objects at work or having to carry your kids or grandkids.

7. Transform Your Physique – This is one of the main reasons most folks work out, they want to look their BEST! Aside from looking better and feeling better exercising is beneficial for your overall wellness.

8. Boost Confidence – If you are not used to working out you don’t know about the special boost to your confidence it will give you. As time goes on and your start to feel good about your progress it will naturally show in how your carry yourself because you are PROUD of yourself and others, will be able to tell without you having to say anything.

9. Make Your Future-Self Proud – If you just get one percent better every day you won’t think much about that but little wins add up. After a year you will be 365% better than you were this time next year. Your body will thank you for the work you put in today, tomorrow.