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Alexis Ohanian Responds To Twitter Troll Over Serena Williams Marriage

Jackson Lee/FilmMagic

Alexis Ohanian Responds To Twitter Troll Criticizing His Serena Williams Marriage

People are disgusting. Alexis Ohanian had to clap back at a twisted Twitter troll who compared his marriage to Serena Williams to a deplorable meme.

Earlier this week Alexis was trolled by a messy miserable who compared a picture of him carrying ‘Rena to a meme of a KKK member carrying a black woman captioned, “When you forget who they are.”

Alexis then gave a classy clap back and pointed out the Armenian genocide. Alexis, who is of Armenian descent, was likely pointing out that he can’t possibly be Serena’s oppressor considering that his own people were oppressed.

Should Alexis have even responded at all? It’s clear that he and Serena have a perfectly healthy relationship and he doesn’t owe any of these internet trolls an explanation!

What do YOU think about Alexis Ohanian’s clap back???

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