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An annoying reminder that holograms like Amy Winehouse aren't *actual* holograms


Oh, what’s in a name?

Amy Winehouse’s hologram will be going on tour in 2019 along with a live band, according to Engadget. Proceeds from the tour will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which raises funds for substance abuse programs. 

The beguiling powerhouse vocalist, who died in 2011, will get the Tupac Shakur Coachella treatment. That is, remastered images and vocals will appear in concert as an apparently three-dimensional projection.

There’s something slightly creepy or at least uncouth about “bringing back” a celebrity who passed away for our own enjoyment; a macabre tribute at best, or a disrespectful co-opting of another human’s likeness, without their consent, at worst. Who’s to say, but the age of hologram concerts has been here. Read more…

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