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Announcer uses racist “cotton-picking” phrase toward Russell Westbrook

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Announcer Uses Racist Phrase Toward Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook accomplished a feat that made NBA history last night. After grabbing his 16th rebound of the game, “Brodie” became the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double in back-to-back seasons.

The white OKC announcer who was calling the game, FOX Sports’ Brian Davis, got WAY too enthusiastic with his words when he gleefully declared:

“Westbrook is out of his cotton-pickin’ mind!”

For those who are unaware, the phrase “cotton-pickin” is a reference to slaves and was used back in the day as a substitute for using curse words.

Peep the video of the call in real time

Hard to tell whether this gentleman had knowledge of the phrase’s racist history when he used it, but one thing is for mayo-slathering sure, it’s a REAL bad look.

Congrats to Russy though.

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