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#ApartmentPatty Pleads Her “I’m Not Racist” Case, But Says She’d Still Block The Black Man From Entering The Building All Over Again [Video]

Remember the Missouri woman who suddenly appointed herself apartment security when she saw a Black man she didn’t know attempting to peacefully go home in the same complex she lived in?

Welp, she’s been appropriately dragged via the internet, fired from her actual position in property management across town, and generally embarrassed for the last few days since the video went viral.

#ApartmentPatty, or Hilary Thornton as her mama calls her, took to Fox2Now in STL to plead her case about how she’s not at all racist (just obnoxious and self-important?), mainly because she’s still legally married to some 50% Black man who doesn’t even like or speak to her anymore.

Peep her fellow mayo meddler who openly admits that she purposefully prevents her neighbors from getting their mail or packages in a timely fashion because she refuses to let the UPS man in the door. *Eyeroll*

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