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Baby Choking At A Golden Corral Was Saved By Stranger

Golden Corral

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Baby Choking At Restaurant Saved By Good Samaritan

A baby girl is now safe and sound after a very scary incident at a North Carolina Golden Corral restaurant.

Hannah Marie Jarvis was celebrating Thanksgiving at the family restaurant on Thursday, along with seven of her other relatives. Things, unfortunately, took a left turn when her 7-month-old daughter Calli started to choke on her dinner.

“We were all at the Golden Corral. We were celebrating Thanksgiving,” Jarvis told local news station, WLOS. “We were just feeding her some mashed potatoes. She just started gagging all of a sudden. She was choking.”

A waitress first attempted to help, but then yelled out if anyone in the restaurant could assist. It was then that fellow diner Deborah Rouse stepped in and ended up saving Calli’s life.

“This lady named Deborah intervened, and she started performing the Heimlich maneuver on her,” Jarvis said. “She held her down, like this, taking multiple blows to her back. It was miraculous, she started breathing again. She told me her name is Deborah Rouse.” Later, Jarvis took to Facebook to send her thank you to Rouse. She posted a photo of Rouse holding her baby Calli, happier than ever.

“If anyone knows who Deborah Rouse is, this lady is a hero! If it weren’t for this angel, my daughter probably would have been wheeled away in an ambulance today,” Jarvis wrote to her page. “Thank you for saving my daughter’s life and thank you Trish from Golden Corral who helped intervene as well! My family and I can’t thank you enough for helping.”

She continued on to say, “I will never forget the many tears that were shed today in Golden Corral as this angel stepped in to preform the heimlich maneuver that saved my baby from choking to death. Most importantly, thank you Jesus for hearing our desperate cries for Calli this Thanksgiving afternoon. Christ was with us today Christ made sure that he was going to protect my baby today and that’s just what he did”

Rouse actually managed to see one of the posts, and later responded to Jarvis. “Good evening Mrs. Hannah, I saw the news article and I messaged you my number! I’m elated that Callie is doing well, y’all have been on my mind since yesterday! Love you all and take care”

A very happy ending indeed.

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