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Being the change


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Watch our video above to learn more about The Giving Keys and their mission to help people transition out of homelessness, and read our article below to go behind-the-scenes with the inspiring people who make The Giving Keys work.

Omara never envisioned her life path would lead to entrepreneurship. She’d struggled with addiction, experienced homelessness, lost custody of her kids, and spent time in prison. She rarely received positive affirmation from those around her — she’d never been called beautiful.

But two weeks into a new job, Omara’s life took a decidedly different turn. She’d secured employment in a role as a production associate at The Giving Keys, a social enterprise based in Los Angeles, and found herself being showered with empowering, affirming messages from her colleagues. She was called beautiful for the first time in her life — and she started to believe that the praise she was hearing was true. Read more…

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