Just being fit is not all that perfect. You must be fit regarding muscle force, agility, and strength. So, to get a lean and fit body, a uniquely planned and strategic approach to exercising works perfectly fine. There are other ways for one to stay sound and fit and tone their body. In this article, we would highlight and discuss the best exercises for a happy and healthy life style in 2021.

Rock climbing

This is a good option as compared to customary gym exercises and gym. You can burn good quantities of fats with the rock climbing exercise. Rock climbing helps in strengthening your legs as well as your torso. Since rock climbing is not an easy exercise, an essential requirement is to have the proper training for taking on this.

Weight Training

This greatly helps people burn sufficient calories as well as improves strength. A few activities can help an individual in staying fit. All you need to do is buy the right jumping jacks.  

They are good for cardiovascular health and also for relaxing muscles specifically the calves. To do this, stand with your feet together. Jump while spreading your legs and arms. Get back to the initial position and continue forward! You can start with doing these for one minute and later little by little add the number you are comfortable with.  

Brisk walking/Running

These two are considered as probably the most ideal ways to stay fit and lean and equally burn fats. For this exercise, you do need to buy fancy equipment as it can be done anywhere in your neighborhood. All you need is a good pair of sports shoes and you are good to do this exercise. Brisk walking is very much suggested for older people. The health benefits are unique. You can build stronger bones and you can help with maintaining up your weight. Equally, you are helping your heart to stay sound and healthy.


You start laying down face downwards however with your body held up at a good distance. Your hands need to be by your shoulders. Breathe inwards as you lower your body. As you breathe out, you need to get back up to the initial position. An easier adaptation, to start with, is to bend your legs at the knees so you don’t have to lift your whole body.

Jumping Lunges

To carry out the jumping, lunges exercise smoothly, initially, you need to stand upright with your shoulders rolled behind. Hop and land gently on the floor or initial position with your right leg in front and left leg at the back. Both your knees ought to be relaxed, and your thighs at 90 degrees with your shins. Jump and switch legs, Land gently with your right leg behind and left leg in front.

Looking for the best and unique workout routines needs serious energy, effort and time. These are the best exercises for a healthy lifestyle in 2021.