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Blac Chyna’s Half-Baked Mom Says The K-Klan’s Making Babies To Spite The ONLY Real Kardashian Kid– Dreamy Poo!

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Do You Believe Tokyo Toni’s Conspiracy?

Tokyo Toni has a conspiracy when it comes to Kim, Kylie and Khloe baking up babies around the same time. She thinks the three were so frustrated with all the love and attention Dreamy-Poo was getting last year, they decide to upstage her, three times. Now….Tokyo is a little loopy but is this actually far fetched?

  1. Kim has been on a “mean girl” streak, paying back her haters.
  2. Kylie had to drop her long time lover Tyga after Dream came into the mix, making them all look insestral.
  3. Khloe HATED Chyna for a long time for being with her “bestie” and brother Rob.


Are you rocking with Tokyo on this one or are we looney too???

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