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Boca Raton cop fired over using n-word reinstated for a second chance

A Boca Raton police car blocks the entra

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Boca Raton Cop Fired Over N-Word Gets Second Chance

The lengths that cops will go to in order to protect one another is pretty sickening and it’s almost always at an innocent person’s expense. Crazy how that works.

A Sun-Sentinel article details how Boca Raton cop Jeremy Codling was fired earlier this year after it was revealed that he used the n-word and frequently told racist and offensive jokes in the presence of Black officers. Initially, only disciplinary action was taken in the form of demotion, pay reduction, and a written letter of apology.

Nine days after his demotion, it was discovered that Codling lied about his behavior under oath in addition to storing several pornographic images and websites on his department-issued computer.

After being fired on March 5, somehow this d-bag with a badge has been granted a second chance to be an officer of the law.

Codling has been given a “last chance,” she said, because significant disciplinary action was taken, he had no previous complaints of racism and if he messes up, he’ll be out of a job, again.

“The final part of the discipline is a legal document in which the officer and city agree that that if the officer exhibits any similar behavior in the future, he will be terminated,” Gibson said.

Translation: He used to be such a good boy prior to his racism that we just HAD to give him another chance.

Peep this sorry a$$ excuse for an apology letter:

“I want you to know that I am sorry for offending you with anything I may have said or done; It was never my intent to upset you,” Codling wrote. “Hopefully we can both move forward and have a good working relationship at the Boca Raton Police Department.”

That’s how you apologize to a Black man for saying the n-word huh? SMFH.

F**k Florida as a whole and definitely f**k the Boca Raton Police Department specifically. They still have the nerve to act indignant and offended when we say “f**k the police”. Tuh.

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