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Childhood “Best Friends” Get Reunited With A Little Help From Twitter

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Long Lost Friends Get Reconnected Through One Simple Tweet

Even though Twitter isn’t always the most positive place on the internet, one teenager proved that the platform can be useful in making thoughtful reconnections.

Brianna, who goes by @BriannaCry on Twitter, explained in a tweet that she sparked a friendship with @Heii_Tree while she was vacationing in Hawaii with her parents back in 2006. Much like many childhood friendships that blossom on vacation, they were “best friends” for one night and lost touch pretty soon thereafter.

Now, twelve years later, Brianna decided it would be fun to find her childhood buddy by giving Twitter a shot. “I miss her and I need to see how she’s doing now,” she explained.

And much to the surprise of both Brianna and everyone else now involved with the story, her childhood friend came out of the woodwork.

Sitting at nearly 200,000 retweets, her prayers were answered when @Heii_Tree—a Californian by the name of Heidi, according to Daily Mail—replied to the viral post by letting it be known that she is the girl that both the world and Brianna was looking for.

In the tweet reply, she held an old family picture that featured her wearing a dress that looks to be the exact same one she’s wearing in the photo that Brianna tweeted out initially.

The reunion not only fulfilled Brianna’s heart, but warmed the hearts of many others following the story.

Although this was an awesome social experiment causing the two to get reacquainted, Twitter users have been asking if they’re planning to actually meet up and reunite with each other in real life. While both girls expressed shock over Twitter’s ability to spread the word, it doesn’t look like Brianna and Heidi will be taking their meet-up to the real world anytime soon.

Heidi cited her lack of funds as a reason for not being able to meet up (since they both live across the country from one another) and denied many people asking to help via a GoFundMe.

If they do end up meeting face-to-face again one day, you can bet we’ll see the whole thing play out on Twitter.


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