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Cop Held for Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault of Minor

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The constable had reportedly kidnapped the 13-year-old girl Thursday from a place near her house on the pretext of providing her a job as a domestic help.


Updated:December 7, 2018, 11:32 PM IST

Cop Held for Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault of Minor
News 18 Creative by Mir Suhail
Tura: A constable of Meghalaya police was arrested on charges of kidnapping and attempted sexual assault of a minor girl in North Garo Hills district, police said Friday.

The constable had kidnapped the 13-year-old girl Thursday from a place near her house on the pretext of providing her a job as a domestic help, the police said.

He has been identified as Samuel R Marakhad and he was posted at Rongsak in East Garo Hills district, a police officer said.

“He has been arrested and case has been registered against him,” the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of North Garo Hills district, Nikseng Momin, said.
The constable was booked under various sections of the POCSO Act, he said.

The constable had taken the girl near Willianmnagar and made an attempt to assault her sexually, the police officer said.

According to the police officer, the constable had approached the girl when she was washing utensils near her

He then asked the girl to come to his house to work as a domestic help and took her from there.

A local person saw this and informed the girl’s family and a complaint was lodged with the police after which the accused was arrested, the police officer said.

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