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Didn’t She Call Him Gay? Ne-Yo Says First Date With Wife Crystal Smith Inspired New Single “Good Man”

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Ne-Yo Recounts How First Date With Crystal Smith Really Went

Ne-Yo is proud of his Wife Crystal Smith and gives her credit for inspiring his latest single “Good Man”. Oddly enough, NeYo says their first date conversation inspired him to be a good man and write a song by the same name. NeYo tells Essence he and Crystal spilled all the negatives about past loves on their first meet-up, and it set the tone for an honest courtship.

“The first thing I said to her was that I am aware that you are a beautiful woman, that you are smart, that you are driven and I’m aware that I can handle all of this stuff. I need to know that I can handle all the stuff that I’m not aware of. I need to know every reason that a man has ever left you or anything that you feel like a man will leave you for. I need your track record. I need it all right here, right now.”

Interestingly, Crystal complied.

“She laid out her dirty laundry, I laid out my dirty laundry [and] after this very uncomfortable conversation, the air in the room got lighter so to speak, and we didn’t feel like we had to work as hard to impress each other.”

Isn’t this ironic?? For folks who can remember, NeYo’s first outing with Crystal allegedly went drastically different. Crystal claimed she was “hacked” after folks spotted them out on their first Hollyweird date, when someone tweeted from her accounts that he was “gay”. Crystal eventually blamed the tweeted slander on her jealous ex.

Do you think she ever asked him what that tongue ring do??? Hit the flip to see the lyric video “Good Man”, inspired by Crystal.

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