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Feather Flappin’ Fades: A-Boogie’s Baby Mama Gets Her Goonies To Harass Dream Doll’s Car

A-Boogie’s Girlfriend And Dream Doll Beef

There’s a bird war going down in NYC and it’s all because of rapper A-Boogie???

Video of the “drowning” rapper’s baby mama (Ella Bands) squaring up with her crew on a vehicle containing rapper Dream Doll has surfaced online. Ella is seen with the glasses on her head and her sister is the one swearing, threatening Dream Doll who is safe inside the car.

Would you have come out to have a word with these juiced up pigeons??? Here and Ella and her sister, posted up after the altercation with Dream Doll.

Rumors are swirling that the girls have a beef all because A-boogie was being sneaky behind his girlfriend’s back with Dream Doll…

Yikes! Ella just updated her IG with photos of A-boogie and their baby girl. Soooo, maybe everyone is cool now. Hit the flip to see.

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