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General John Kelly set to resign as Donald Trump’s chief of staff

President Trump Participates In Briefing With Senior Military Leaders

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John Kelly To Resign As Trump’s Chief Of Staff

Another day, another Trump administration official is ready to high-tail it outta there.

According to CNN, General John Kelly will soon resign as Donald Trump’s chief of staff as their relationship has become hostile to the point of not talking for several days. It has been 17 months since Kelly accepted the job that not many people want. Trump is said to be looking for a replacement as we speak, possibly Mike Pence’s chief of staff Nick Ayers.

John Kelly has been close to resigning several other occasions during his tenure in the White House but was somehow always convinced to stay. That is no more.

It’s reported that Trump is shook of the Democrats taking over the House of Representatives next year and wants someone who is going to help cover is orange a$$ as it flaps in the wind for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to take target practice at.

Auntie Maxine had a message for Kelly regarding his departure:

Bye, ashy.

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