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‘Give Him Rs 10,000’: Drunk Raebareli Prison Inmates Brag About Bribing Jailors; 6 Officers Suspended

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In a major embarrassment to the jail administration, the prisoners in the video can be seen languishing together and sharing drinks.
A screen grab of the viral video in which, inmates of the Rae Bareli jail can be seen using mobile phones and consuming liquor.

Lucknow: Inmates of Raebareli jail​ have been caught on camera consuming liquor and using cellphones inside the prison premises. The video has gone viral on social media, drawing backlash from citizens.

In a major embarrassment to the jail administration, the prisoners in the video can be seen languishing together and sharing drinks. One of the inmates can also be heard instructing someone on the phone to give Rs 10,000 to the jailor and Rs 5,000 to the Deputy jailor, respectively as bribe. Few bullets lay strewn next to them as they flocked together inside their barrack.

Soon after the video streaked across social media, the district magistrate of Raebareli ordered a raid into the prison premises.

“A total of five inmates can be seen in the video and cases have been registered against four of them and their transfers to different jails have been arranged for,” said Pramod Shukla, the superintendent of Raebareli jail, who has since been suspended from the post.
Six others from the jail authority, including the Deputy jailor and the head jail warden, have also been suspended along with him.

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