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Guy who found two Amazon deliverymen wandering through his house: 'It's not just happening to me'


Most of the time, receiving a package from Amazon is exciting stuff. 

For Michael Lentini, his delivery last Saturday was a nightmare. According to his version of the story, an Amazon delivery man entered his house without permission — and wandered around the first floor before taking the elevator up to his bedroom. 

Lentini says he was in the master suite of his four-story home when the elevator unexpectedly opened. “I thought it was going to be somebody I knew, and then this stranger comes in,” Lentini told Mashable.

“My mind started thinking bad thoughts. What could happen? How do I protect myself? Where the hell is my gun?” Finally, Lentini yelled at the intruder: “Get the hell out of my house!”  Read more…

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