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Here’s Why Jason Derulo Desperately Hopped In Jordin Sparks’Mentions And Shattered Twitter

Jason Derulo Causes A Twitter Mess

Jason Derulo needs to sit down somewhere. Everybody was minding his or her respective business when, out of nowhere, he decided to be a dusty uncrustable and hope in Jordin Sparks’ mentions like this:

Seriously? He wishes that were his baby? All his songs are about her? Is that what we’re doing now, fam? Sigh. According to Jason, there’s a good reason for this foolery. Let’s see…

Apparently, it was part of this MTV game show, Safe Word. The same one that got Amber Rose caught up when someone tweeted that she’s Becky With The Good Hair. Was it worth it for Jason? We hope so, because Twitter went all the way in on him anyway. Take a look…

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