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Hugh Hefner Dumped A Casket Full Of Sex Tapes Into The Pacific Ocean


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Hugh Hefner Dumped All Of His Sex Tapes Into The Ocean

Hugh Hefner reportedly dumped a casket full of his private sex tapes into the sea before he passed away.

The late Playboy founder chucked his collection of sex tapes into the Pacific ocean due to fears that his most famous and secret conquests would be exposed, sources told The Sun.  This new comes as the Hefner’s most personal belongings are being auctioned off later this month.

The magazine editor, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 91, gathered up his entire hidden collection of tapes, X-rated photos, and even intimate notes from fellow superstars. He then proceeded to throw them all in a specially-made casket lined with cement and had his aides dump them in the sea.

“Hugh was terrified of the world finding out everything about his past,” a source revealed to the publication. “He had kept a treasure chest of memories of his life with all these beautiful women dating back from the 1950s to the mid-1990s.”

“He only shared a few of the stories with his aides, but kept his personal items of his time with many famous beauties a secret,” The source continued. “There was a batch of tapes, shot on 8 mm and cinefilm, which were filmed during some of the orgies he enjoyed in the 70s.”

According to the source, some famous male movie stars were in these videos as well, and had that come out it would have been a huge scandal. Marilyn Monroe was “definitely” in the videos as well, along with many superstars who graced Playboy. “Some of the women were in relationships and others never even made the magazine, but simply were partying with him,” says the source.

“In the 1990s, he had concerns about these personal items being stolen and sold around the world … it filled him with dread. What actually sparked his concern was when Pamela had her tape with Brett Michaels aired and then Tommy Lee,” they continued. “He got so upset and paranoid that he decided it was best to have them disappear. He didn’t trust people to burn them in case they got stolen, so he charged Joe [head of security at the Playboy Mansion] with getting rid of them in the ocean.”

Hugh allegedly wanted to get rid of the tapes because he didn’t want anyone’s lives, marriages or careers to be destroyed by what he had In his library. Hefner decided to take action in the late 90s, as parties at the Playboy mansion were becoming wilder; he didn’t want a random house guest coming across tapes and leaking them.

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