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IG Rapper Young Ash Arrested For Grand Larceny

IG Rapper Young Ash Arrested For Grand Larceny

Yet another Instagram-famous pretty girl has been caught using her social media clout to snag cash from followers and fans.

Rapper Young Ash — real name Ashley Bautista — was cuffed and taken to a Manhattan courthouse on Wednesday on charges that she’d acted as a recruiter for a ‘card cracking’ scheme via her Instagram account, boasting over 360,000 followers. By flashing cash and assuring followers quick cash opportunities in exchange for their bank account info, she was roping in fans to a ‘card cracking’ scheme with four other co-conspirators.

According to NYPost, Young Ash would provide the account information of the poor gullible souls who fell for her flex, while the doorman at a luxury Upper West Side apartment building copied the information from rent checks of the rich residents therein. From there, a third man would forge checks using that information, which two other men then used to deposit into the accounts Ash had provided, and later make withdrawals — essentially robbing those involved.

It’s somewhat convoluted if you’re not well-versed in the art of the scam…but bottom line, fans who trusted their insta-idol were left out of hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. SMH

However, Young Ash claims this is NOT the real story — despite what NYPD investigators have found — and that she’s not letting the “negativity and hate” of these criminal charges get her down…

We’re not sure how tough that argument will hold up in court…


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