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Just try not to obsess over this retro, Nintendo-inspired Bluetooth game controller that's on sale


If you ever meet a time traveler from 1986, he or she is going to have a lot of questions about our modern world.  Why is your wardrobe so devoid of neon?  Where are the flying cars? Are you honestly telling me Corey Feldman ISN’T the biggest movie star on the planet?  

But one way you can make your new friend feel right at home is with an 8BitDo N30 Bluetooth GamePad, a video game controller specially designed to look like the controllers of yesteryear — available on sale for just $21.99.

The 8BitDo N30 Bluetooth GamePad has a feel that’s incredibly authentic to old-school Nintendo controllers. It works with Nintendo Switch, Steam, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi devices.  And if your new pal’s head explodes when he sees you magically controlling the game wirelessly via Bluetooth, there’s also a USB cable included, so he can plug it in and feel right at home. Read more…

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