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Kamala Harris announcing Presidential run on Martin Luther King Jr Day


Source: MARK RALSTON / Getty

Kamala Harris Likely To Announce Run For President On MLK Jr. Day

Kamala Harris appears ready to take on Donald Trump in a Presidential campaign unlike any other in America’s history. The year 2020 will be the year that the United States either purges its highest office of racism, misogyny, and crass arrogance, or it finally accepts that its premise of exceptionalism, inclusion, and equality is wholly a farce.

According to KCBS, sources close to say Senator Harris will likely make her announcement on the apt Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a campaign rally in her hometown of Black a$$ Oakland. Another spokesperson told The Hill that no announcement is planned and Senator Harris isn’t scheduled to be in the Bay Area during the holiday.

We call shenanigans. Sounds like they just don’t want word getting out ahead of their event. Every single time Senator Harris appears on TV, she’s asked if she plans to run and usually responds with some variation of “Nah, I’m not quite reaady”. There are reports that her team is debating HOW to make this announcement and that’s what’s keeping her for letting the cat out of the bag.

Are you ready to see Kamala Harris bust Donald Trump up in 2020?

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