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Kanye West “Explains” His Foot-Strangling Slides

Kim Kardashian neon Versace gown Miami's Versace Mansion for rapper 2Chainz Wedding on Saturday (aug 18). Kanye West sage Louis Vuitton suit and sandals

Kanye West “Explains” His Foot-Strangling Slides

Kanye West got dragged from the Versace Mansion to the depths of Hades once social media got an eyeful of the look he rocked for 2 Chainz’ trap nuptials in Miami last week. If you’ll recall, he rocked a mint green Louis suit, complimented by socks and miniature unreleased Yeezy pool slides that didn’t even begin to fit his feet.

Even his wife Kim had something to say about his toes gasping for air and heels hanging on for dear life in those slides — at a formal event no less.

Welp, Kanye has decided to do some googling and concoct a “reason” why he “decided” to let his heels drag at his homeboy’s wedding like that. Apparently, he wore his shoes “the Japanese way.”

Granted, Kanye was wearing pool slides, which are traditionally NOT worn with the same fit as Japanese geta…buuut maybe he thinks he’s starting some new isht?


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