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KoonYe Kares? Kanye West Klaims He Wasn’t Given A Chance To Respond To Jimmy Kimmel’s Question

Kanye West Arriving At Jimmy Kimmel Live In Los Angeles

Kanye West Says He Wasn’t Given The Chance To Respond To Kimmel Question About Trump

Last week most of Kanye West’s former listening audience shook their heads in dismay after Jimmy Kimmel questioned whether Donald Trump cared about black people, or people period and West failed to respond immediately.

Now Kanye is saying that was not his final answer…

The problem is — he still hasn’t answered the question. And Charlamagne gave him plenty of time to answer it previously.

Please keep Kanye West out of any and all political conversations. He’s clearly not equipped.

Fortunately there is another possible career path that is beckoning.

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