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'Last Jedi' gets thumbs up from 89% of viewers, says new poll


Get ready for a shock, internet veterans: the folks loudly complaining about the latest Star Wars movie represent a tiny vocal minority.

That’s according to a data from SurveyMonkey, revealed here exclusively to Mashable. An audience poll of 4,441 U.S. adults found that of people who’ve seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a whopping 89 percent either loved or liked it. (Loves and likes were evenly divided.) 

Interestingly, the 89 percent figure stays the same whether respondents described themselves as a “big” Star Wars fan or a regular fan. Even among self-described non-Star Wars fans — whom, one presumes, must have wandered into the wrong theater — 81 percent loved or liked The Last JediRead more…

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