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Lil Kim Checks Eve Over Story She Blew Her Off Back In The Day, “We Are Not Fighting”

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Lil Kim Upset After Eve Calls Her Out As A Bully?

Rapper Eve was on her new gig at The Talk and talking beefs with her middle age friends, bringing Lil Kim into the mix. Eve says she was so impressed with Kim early on and Kim used to give her the stank face. But, was Eve really being shady or bigging her up? Kim was not happy with Eve’s little rocky friendship story.

Here’s the clip:

In response, Kim says she’s not and never has been a bad colleague. Why do these girls keep hating on her???

Kim actually invited herself on the show to chat about their different recollections.

Do you think Eve was being facetious with this story? Maybe she ran out of stuff to ‘talk” about at work.

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