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Lil Wayne Is Not The Father Of 16-Year-Old Boy

Lil Wayne Is Not The Father Of 16-Year-Old Boy

No new baby mama drama — or associated fees — for Lil Wayne!

If you’ll recall, a woman by the name of Keiotia Watson claimed that Wayne fathered her now 16-year-old son, Dwayne Brown, after a sexual encounter she claims they had wayyyy back in 2001. She was adamant that Wayne owed her back child support for the teen.

Needless to say, Wayne was eager to establish paternity — or lack thereof — before allowing Keitoia to run his pockets for tens of thousands child support on a teenager he’s never even met.

However, paternity results obtained by TMZ show that there is a 0.00% chance that Wayne is the father of the young boy in question.

Good for Weezy. Hopefully, this woman can hammer down who the REAL father of her teenage son is…


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