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Looks like the first U.S. robot brothel isn't happening … yet


The U.S. won’t get its very first “robot brothel” after all.

The Houston City Council amended an ordinance to prevent a company called KinkySdollS from opening a showroom where people could have, um, intimate relations with realistic sex dolls. 

The dolls sell for anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000, with optional “body heat” and AI voice options. (Can’t … unread.) It’s like Westworld, but so, so much sadder. 

The amendment — which doesn’t make it illegal to sell the dolls, only to “test” them (oh god why) at the showroom — was passed unanimously Wednesday by city council members, including Greg Travis, who, reports the AP, called the brothel “weird” and “gross.” Read more…

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