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Meet The Sun-Kissed Godiva Goddess Who Shut Down Instagram With ONE Magnificent Photo

Alexandra Maye’s Extravagant Santorini Shoot Shatters Instagram

Sun-kissed Nurse bae Alexandra Mae has the whole entire internet in a heart eye TIZZY over her stunning Santorini, Greece photoshoot where she elevated to a Godly level of slayyy while proving YET AGAIN that Black women invented the color yellow.

In high school this girl told me I’d be beautiful if my nose was slimmer, skin lighter, and hair straighter. As easy/awkward as it was to laugh it off, those words hurttt and stuck with me for some time. I began to think that I really needed to change me (yikes!) BUT GOD led me to attend the University of Maryland, College Park a few years later where I was blessed to come across so many beautiful women who would walk across the campus confident in all shades, hair textures, and unique styles. My college experience really helped me to truly embrace who I am, become comfortable in wearing my hair in any style, and know 🗣 I AM NOT MY HAIR, I AM NOT MY SKIN. I AM NOT YOUR EXPECTATIONS, NO. I AM THE SOUL THAT LIVES WITHIN. 🌻 To all the young girls and boys out there especially in high school where criticism runs rampant, be you & do you because those people with so many opinions don’t/won’t even matter. Easier said then done, but I found that by surrounding myself with positive people who are not looking to change me (thanks friendsss 💕) and voices that speak love and light (thanks mama ✨) help the process. – Thank you 📸: @chaltcev @miami_dress_photo // 💄: @jozefinaaa for such an amazing shoot and capturing my black girl magic 💛 – #offdutynurse #blacktravelfeed #blackgirlstraveltoo #blackgirlswhoblog #baldheadbaddies #essencetravels #ladiesgoneglobal #essencemag #blackandabroad #nurseoffduty #blackgirlmagic #grateful #blessed #blackwomeninyellow #nursing #registerednurse #travelingwhileblack #travelnoire #darkskinwomen #santorini #oia #greece #positivity #lovetheskinimin #dswcolorism

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Hit the flip for a peek into the hottest IG photoshoot on Earth (right now).

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