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Paris Bennett Responds To Keke Wyatt’s Mistress Allegations

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Yesterday Keke wrote a series of lengthyyyyyy Instagram posts about her new marriage, ex-husband and Paris explaining what allegedly happened behind the scenes.

According to Keke she considered Paris who previously sang backup for her a “little sister” before she allegedly became Michael’s mistress. Keke also pettily blasted her looks saying that she looks like a “bat” and one of the characters in the movie “Gremlins.”

“Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that he left her for a mistress. Not any mistress but a mistress that Keke considered to be a friend, a little sister, a woman that had recently sang back up for her, a woman that she had even welcomed in to her very own home. The betrayal of it all sent Keke’s world into a tail spin. Miss Wyatt says that she will never say either one of their names again.”

“You know who the mistress is because she looks like she played in the movie Gremlins.”

Paris is now responding to Keke in a not so subtle IG post that she hashtagged “#NoWeaponFormedAgainstMeShallProsper.”

Keke’s pretty adamant that Paris wronged her but Paris says she’s perfectly happy with her “best friend” Michael Jamar.

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