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Peep The “Full Season” Of ‘Insecure’ Season 3 90’s Reboot Show Within The Show. ‘Kev’yn’ [Video]

If you were paying attention during this season of Insecure, you caught the characters casually watching a reboot of their favorite 90’s sitcom, Kev’yn — which appropriately stars some of your favorite faces from REAL 90’s sitcoms.

Featuring Bill Bellamy, Erika Alexander, and Darryl M. Bell, Kev’yn pulled out that classic 90’s slapstick humor and spoofed the onslaught of reboots that are hitting television screens these days — while subtly pointing out the lack of Black-centric shows that have gotten that revival treatment.

What did you think of Kev’yn this season??

FilmMagic for HBO/YouTube

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