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Rikey Smiley For Real: Is Juicy In Love With A Male Stripper?! [Video]

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere Screening

Source: Getty Images / We TV

Wait, what?!

Gary And Lisa Wu Talk Juicy’s Affinity For Male Strippers

Juicy was the subject of controversy of “Rickey Smiley For Real” after two of her friends wondered what was really up with her and male exotic dancers. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Atlanta” apparently has a new boo which is causing Gary with da Tea some concern.

Gary then does some digging with Lisa Wu and finds some racy photos and videos of Juicy’s man (and his man meat) on the Internet.

Gary then lets it slip that Juicy once managed male strippers.

“When Juicy a** was in Dallas she owned a d*** stripper troupe. She owned some strippers. That’s why they call her Juicy baby because I guess she’s juiced up!” says Gary jokingly.

Tune in to find out just how juicy this romance is on the next episode of RICKEY SMILEY FOR REAL.

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