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Rumors Swirl On Beyonce Pregnant With Baby #4

Of course…

Rumors Swirl On Beyonce Pregnant With Baby #4

Because there seems to be an unwritten rule on the books that the internet has to go through this song and dance each and every time the Carters share a stage….it’s time for the obligatory “Beyonce may be pregnant again” rumor.

Granted, Our Lady of Slay has been foregoing her typical leotards and other short and tight stage gear in favor of wearing blazers, jackets, coats and the like on stage…so naturally folks are guessing it’s a means of masking a blessed bump until they’re ready for the big reveal.

Not to mention, a few keen-eyed fans have noticed some swelling in Bey’s midsection…but who knows if it’s a hearty pre-show meal, cycle-issues (ladies know), or an actual Carter seed that’s causing a bit of gut pudge.

Eh. We’re not putting much stock into this one just yet. Besides, if Bey is pregnant…we’ll all know when she wants us to know, and then only.

What do you think? Does Bey look like she’s carrying more Hov offspring to you??

Getty Images for Parkwood Etertainment/Twitter

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