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SMH: Black Airbnb Host Says Loose Caboose Caucasian Guest Defecated All Over Her Bedroom And Police Took Let Him Stay

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White Airbnb Guest Sh*ts On Hosts Bed And Gets Sympathy

Oh hell naw!

There is a story circulating around Twitter from Black woman and writer who had a terribly disgusting experience with an Airbnb guest. The poor lady say she went through all the checks and stops to make sure her guests weren’t crazy but after a few years of using the app one recently slipped through the cracks and POOPED in her room.

After coming home from a flight and realizing her usually closed bedroom door was ajar, Blue Telusma wrote that she discovered human feces in a chair and more dabbled on her things inside her bedroom. Her Airbnb guest, who stayed all the way in the BASEMENT admitted to “blacking out” and sh*tting on her stuff. After contacting Airbnb to have the man removed, Telusma says she was encouraged to wait it out. She waited and waited until she noticed a police officer nearby her house and let him know what was happening.

The cop was also useless and let the poop perpetrator stay. WTF?!!?

White tears are something else! Eventually, the hostess got the nasty dude out of her crib after Airbnb removed her to a hotel and redirected him to another place nearby. You can read her full horror story here in her own words.

What would YOU have done if you were in this situation???

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