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SMH: It’s Time To Discuss How #BlackInkCrew’s Sky’s Domestic Abuse Towards Teddy Is NOT OKAY

Why Does Sky Get A Pass For Abusing Teddy On TV?

We got another episode of Black Ink Crew last night and once again, Sky is throwing hands in place of communicating, respecting boundaries and using her inside voice with coworkers and ex-boyfriend Teddy. Ted took Sky to dinner to talk to her about her jealous ways towards women in the shop, and in general. Ted can’t even speak to a coworker without Sky violently flipping out!

We have no idea how contrived these storylines are but, Sky and Ted represent a broken up couple who occupy the same workspace in front of millions of folks and she continues to abuse him verbally and physically. Fans are OVER her behavior!

Twitter discussed and dragged Sky for thinking the “crazy chick” routine is cute. More after the flip.

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