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Sunken & Sunkener: Mo’Nique Continues Defending “Not-So-Racist” Roseanne “That Was The Woman Fighting For The Black Promoter”

Mo'nique and Roseanne

Source: Asadorian / / Splash News

Mo’Nique Explains Why She Defended Roseanne, “I Would Have Wanted Oprah Or Tyler Perry To Do The Same For Me”

Mo’Nique made an appearance on the morning talk show The Jam to promote an upcoming appearance and was asked to explain again why she defended Roseanne Barr and said she wasn’t racist. Mo’Nique talked about personal experiences she had with Roseanne and took things a step further saying she wished Oprah or Tyler Perry would have spoken up on her behalf.

Watch below:

What did you thnk of her comments. Do you believe her?

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