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Supa Cent Makes $1 Million In 90 Minutes


Supa Cent Makes $1 Million In 90 Minutes

A certain social media star is celebrating a huge victory. Raynell Steward better known as Supa Cent has been burning up social media since the Vine era where she, Tokyo Vanity and their friends produced skits. She’s since continued making videos and expanded into makeup with The Crayon Case.


Fast forward to this week’s Cyber Monday and Supa amassed $1 million in sales in less than 90 minutes. The cosmetics line creator posted a video of her phone lighting up with orders before the official announcement was made.

Her staff then surprised her with a cake while Lil Wayne’s”A Milli” played in the background.

Her feat’s caught the eyes of the likes of Tamar Braxton who posted her on her page.

Now that’s wazzam, congrats Supa!

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