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Teens Are Reportedly Getting Drunk On Boiled Tampon Juice

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Teens Are Reportedly Getting Drunk From Boiled Tampon Juice

According to the NY Post, Teenagers are reportedly collecting menstrual pads and tampons (sometimes used) and boiling them to drink the alcohol-like liquid. Police are cracking down on minors caught making this menstrual-pad moonshine.

A pad is removed from its wrapper and boiled for about an hour, after which the water is cooled. The sanitary product is squeezed into containers, after which the water is drank.

Officials are reporting that the chlorine used to sanitize menstrual products that’s getting kids tipsy, giving them hallucinations and a feeling of “flying.” As it turns out, this has been going on for at least a couple of years, as this new epidemic was first reported being done overseas as far back as 2016.


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