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The 10 best cases for your iPhone X


The iPhone X is Apple’s most advanced smartphone ever. It’s a technological marvel inside and out. It’s also extremely slippery and you definitely should get a case (even if it’s a cheap one) to protect your $1,000+ device.

There are a zillion cases you can buy. Which one is right for you and your lifestyle? Here are 10 of the best we recommend. Read more…

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The Good

Tough • Protects from dust and lint

The Bad

Bulk • Skinny jeans need not apply

The Bottom Line

The Defense Series Case from OtterBox can take some abuse, but you will lose some pocketability in the process. The iPhone X cases are big and bulky, but at least they come in many different colors.

cases are legendary for their ability to take serious abuse and that remains unchanged for the iPhone X. The is bulky, which means you lose some pocketability (sucks if you wear skinny jeans), but it’ll protect your iPhone X from virtually all kinds of impact, dust, and lint. The only downside to Otterbox’s iPhone X case is it doesn’t shield the screen, which is odd because the Defender cases for other models like the iPhone 8 do. A screen protector will cost you extra, but at least the body is covered up.
Runner ups:

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