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The best day to buy plane tickets: When to book, which day to fly, and how to save money with a VPN


Is Tuesday actually the best day to buy plane tickets?

It’s a rumor that we’re sure you’ve seen circling around the internet or heard from family and friends for years — so why are we now hearing that Sunday is the day to buy plane tickets for cheap?

Do either of these days even matter when it’s the holiday season? What about summer vacation season? What about international flights and that sweet last-minute pricing? Is flying ever really “cheap?”

Let us start off by saying there’s no one-size-fits-all rule to cheap plane tickets — and if any article tries to tell you that, they’re lying. Long distance trips and international flights will obviously be more expensive than domestic flights, and you probably could have assumed that flying over the holidays is more expensive than usual. But aside from the obvious stats, there are a ton of other tricks to take into account, and you’re lucky if you can book a trip without having a slight panic attack. Read more…

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