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The most funded planner in Kickstarter history is on sale for Cyber Monday


In this digital age, apps have replaced almost every physical organizational tool, except for one: the paper planner. Remarkably, the popularity of paper planners has actually increased in recent years despite the refinement of smartphone technologies. Why? It’s because their digital counterparts can’t compete with paper planners’ potential for personalization, The New York Times reported. Take that, smartphones.

When it comes to customization, the most successful planner in Kickstarter history is hard to beat: the EVO Flow System™ Planner. It comes in four different formats — Alchemist, ArchitectOracle, and Explorer — one of which is matched to your unique brain type after you complete EVO’s Brain Type Assesment test. Each planner contains daily, weekly, monthly, and note pages to help you stay organized while tackling your to-do list(s). And just in case you want to take things digital, all versions of the EVO are compatible with its companion smartphone app, which tracks your progress over the course of several months to uncover insights into the way your mind works. Read more…

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