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The Most High: Pastor Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Smuggling 300 Pounds Of Weed

Lots of marijuana on stacks of $20

Source: Hillary Kladke / Getty

55-year old John Bishop sentenced to five years in federal prison on a drug smuggling charge. The former Washington state pastor, who founded Living Hope Church in Vancouver, was caught smuggling almost 300 pounds of weed into the United States from Mexico last December.

According to The Columbian:

“[Bishop] later told authorities he had smuggled marijuana across the border 18 to 20 times since April 2016, earning $50,000. He apologized in court, telling the judge that he will do everything he can “to bring hope and life into every person I come in contact with and to do good.”

But Washington State has legal weed, so why would he even…never mind. After serving his sentence, Bishop will have four years of supervised release.

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