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Thousand Oaks bar shooter was posting to Instagram during massacre

Image via Woraphon Nusen / EyeEm

Thousand Oaks Shooter Used Instagram During Massacre

Mass shootings in America are all too common the role of social media in these horrific massacres can’t be ignored.

According to TMZ, Ian Long, the shooter who killed 12 people inside a Thousand Oaks, California bar, was posting to Instagram DURING the chaos. Police report that Long held his pistol in one hand and a phone in the other while he wantonly murdered people.

Authorities found Long’s Instagram page hours after the shooting and contacted the social media platform to have the page permanently deleted. No specific details on what he was saying, but it appears that he was out for revenge against former high school classmates.

A person who went to school with Long says he was relentlessly bullied for a having a lazy eye and several of his ex-classmates hang out at that bar on Wednesdays.

For those who are so inclined, there is a video of Ian walking into the bar with the phone in his hand just seconds before he fires the first shots and all hell breaks loose.

Rest in peace to those who lost their lives.

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