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Two British women wanted for leaving bacon at Mosque in Oldham, U.K.

Image via Jeff Thatcher/EyeEm/Getty

Two British Women Leave Bacon At Mosque

Somebody, please find these hoes so they can be dealt with accordingly.

According to MetroUK, two women thought it would be hilarious to record their drunk a$$es leaving bacon at the entrance to a Mosque in a town called Oldham inside Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

While it is reported that the incident was “dealt with” at the time, Dara Miah, the general secretary of Madina Mosque, is taking no chances with copycats or other crazies:

‘It’s shocking, absolutely shocking. We need to respect places of worship. It’s not what you expect. The (video footage) came to light yesterday. ‘We have reported the incident to police. The police have been very cooperative. We have advised the local community to not take any action in their hands. We have had the whole perimeter of the mosque fenced off. ‘We have got CCTV already installed. Worshippers who come to the mosque were angry. It’s very important to raise awareness, not just for our mosque but for other places of worship.’

People ain’t isht.

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