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Uber messes up Facebook ad by confusing Puerto Rican and Cuban flags


Uber may operate in more than 80 countries, but it still had a difficult time understanding the nuances of country flags. 

In what appeared to be an attempt to recognize and celebrate the anniversary of Puerto Rico’s flag via a Facebook ad, the ride-hailing giant actually shared a photo with an image of Cuba’s flag. 

Ay @Uber!!! Trying to congratulate Puerto Rico, using the Cuban flag. Even in Shutter stock says “View on the window with the Cuban flag“ #fail

— lechancle (@lechancle) December 22, 2017

Yes, they look a bit similar as in they’re both red, white, and blue and have stripes and stars. But come on. They’re different and anyone could tell the difference and fact-check with the quickest of Google searches.  Read more…

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