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#WhatDoesBlackPantherMeanToMe becomes a top 10 Twitter trending topic

Image via Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images for Disney

#WhatDoesBlackPantherMeanToYou Takes Over Twitter

It’s not just entertainment. In 10 days we will see the release of the most culturally significant film of the last decade, Black Panther. Don’t debate us and don’t debate the folks on Twitter either.

One click on the #WhatDoesBlackPantherMeanToYou hashtag that was started by @BlackGirlNerd‘s Kayla Marie will prove to you how emotionally meaningful this movie is to Black folks at large.

It’s beautiful to see our folks so inspired by a work of art that was created to celebrate exactly who we are. Kings and Queens.

Flip the page to see the heartfelt responses to #WhatDoesBlackPantherMeanToYou.

There are THOUSANDS of tweets just like this. Head to Twitter to see more!

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