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Why wait for Black Friday? Currys PC World has launched its 'Black Tag' sale.


If you are hungry now, with food within reach, why would you wait? Well there are a number of potential reasons, but the first that comes to mind is that you might be waiting for something better to come along. 

Picture the scene: you are hungry, so you eat your uninspiring leftovers, and you’re now full. It’s at this point that someone strolls through the door with stacks of delicious pizza, all your favourite toppings, for free. We know, we know. This would be an absolute nightmare. Please stop screaming.

What we are trying to say is that nobody likes to get a bad deal, and if you purchase something, and later find the same item cheaper, it’s really annoying. This is particularly relevant with Black Friday around the corner. Why would you purchase something now and risk finding it cheaper in a couple of weeks? Read more…

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